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Katrin Spiegel is a singer songwriter, freelance musician, composer and artist.

Growing up in Vorarlberg, Austria she took classes and workshops in voice training, theory of harmony and ear training, composition, songwriting, acting lessons i.a. with Waltraud Köttler, Ina Wolf, Rolf Aberer, Charlie Bonat, Mahsen Abou Dakn, Alexander Samimi, Marlene Beck, Christine Steinhart and Patricia Bardi.

In 2017, her project ‘MOMENT’, celebrated its premiere at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna.

As a singer and songwriter she finds her way in a world without any stylistic borders. With her love for details, her warm voice and moving melodies, the Austrian singer-songwriter leaves the audience space for interpretation and time to relax.

As a freelancer, Katrin has devoted herself intensively to the field of ecologically and socially sustainable artist & eventmanagement. Since 2019 she therefore has been collaborating with the environmental film festival „Cinema Planeta“ in Mexico as a project manager, curator and composer

Together with Pit Banzhaf she produced this and last year’s festival teaser. Based on one of her compositions, she performed the original version live at the opening ceremony in 2019 with musicians from Cuernavaca. They also founded the electronic duo „ELEV“

Currently the artist is working on producing her debut album

Katrin Spiegel is based in Vienna and Zagreb.