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I believe, that all forms of art connect us. It brings us back to the actual moment.
We suddenly open our hearts and minds to more than only rationality.

Always seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing the beauty in everything we all are surrounded with, I found my ways already by an early age, expressing these feelings through all kinds of art like sculpting, paper dipping, photography, building, acting, poetry and music.



Katrin Spiegel is a vocalist, singer, composer, writer and artist.

Growing up in the beautiful alpine region of Vorarlberg, Austria she took classes and workshops in voice training, theory of harmony and ear training, composition, songwriting, acting lessons i.a. with Waltraud Köttler, Ina Wolf, Rolf Aberer, Charlie Bonat, Mahsen Abou Dakn, Alexander Samimi, Marlene Beck, Christine Steinhart and Patricia Bardi.

In 2017, her singer- songwriter  project ‘MOMENT’, celebrated its premiere at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna.

In her solo projects, she finds her way in a world without any stylistic borders. With her love for details, her warm voice and moving melodies, Katrin leaves the audience space for interpretation and time to relax.

In 2011 she finished her studies in Event- & Musicmanagement in Munich. Since then, Katrin is also intensively devoted to the field of ecologically and socially sustainable artist & event management. Also, she is very passionate about interior design, upcycling and DIY. She therefore has been collaborating with the environmental film festival „Cinema Planeta“ in Mexico as a project manager, curator and composer. In 2021 she and her partner founded the cultural association „Right Thing 2 Do“, producing films and environmental friendly socio cultural initiatives. In summer 2022 she co produced, designed, managed and curated “Camp Nocturno”, a 16hrs musical voyage through the night in the botanical garden, Innsbruck.

Currently she is working on various projects.

She composes film scores; Documentary film: Jump Out, 2023 (together with Ivan Saravanja). Festival teasers 2019 & 2020 for environmental film festival ‘Cinema Planeta’, Mexiko (together with Pit Banzhaf).

Together with musician and producer Pit Banzhaf, she founded the electro-pop duo „elev“. They’ve released two singles so far: ‘salt on iron’, 2021, ‘pulse’, 2022

Her latest project is an ode to nature. Set within natural habitats, the performances & recordings combine nature soundscapes together with human created sound.

She is also busy writing new poems and songs and collaborating with other artists such as multi-disciplinary artist Amio, film director Nika Šaravanja and other wonderful creative souls.